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Warning Guys! 14 Signs that your lady is ready to get married

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It is no longer a question that women tend to want to get married way earlier than men. If you are in a serious relationship with your girlfriend, you should be more sensitive about the sign and clue.

Are you ready to go to the next level in your relationship, or move on with your life without her? Because in reality, you know what you really want.

Anyway, here are a few hints that may indicate whether or not she is ready to be your wife. Enjoy!

  1. She is in her late 20s or more, all of her friends are either married or have children.
  2. She enjoys cleaning your house, doing your laundry and cook for you without you asking or approving. She even check on your closet, buying you new clothes and even underwear.
  3. She wants to get to know your family. She is willing to sit with your father even though she does not know what to talk about. She even shows up at your parent’s house or calls your mother without telling you first.
  4. She starts to ask you about your plan in the future and wanting to know if she would be a part of it.
  5. Almost every thing in your pad is no longer yours but ours.
  6. She is always excited to go to an engagement party, wedding and baby shower and off course will force you to go with her with a matching outfit.
  7. She talks about marriage a lot and read books about commitment and relationship.
  8. She would look at you and wait for your reaction every time you pass jewelry store.
  9. She is starting to act weird and sensitive if you hang out too much with your single friends and out of nowhere calling you childish and irresponsible.
  10. She wants you to hang out with other married couple.
  11. Babies makes her want to cry.
  12. Old married couple makes her want to cry.
  13. She’s planning for your honeymoon getaway.
  14. Demanding you to marry her soon or just forget about her. Well, this is an obvious sign but definitely hardest to handle.

This list is not based on any research. It is just a fun article based on what I see and hear around me.

So are you ready? Go Pop the Question!